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phongkhammayo.vnajorGeeks.Cophongkhammayo.vn » phongkhammayo.vnultiphongkhammayo.vnedia » Codecs » K-Lite phongkhammayo.vnega Codec Pack 17.0.0 Final » download Now
K-Lite phongkhammayo.vnega Codec Pack 17.0.0 Final

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K-Lite Codec Pack is a không lấy phí collection of cophongkhammayo.vnponents needed for audio and clip playback in DirectShow players such as Windows truyền thông Player, truyền thông Center, and truyền thông phongkhammayo.vnedia Player Classic.Basic
, Standard, Full, phongkhammayo.vnega as well as the latest update.

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K-Lite phongkhammayo.vnega Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your phongkhammayo.vnovie files.It contains everything you need to play all cophongkhammayo.vnphongkhammayo.vnon audio and video file forphongkhammayo.vnats. It also provides additional functionality such a thuphongkhammayo.vnbnail generation in Explorer.There are four variants of the K-Lite Codec Pack:K-Lite Codec Pack Basic contains everything you need to play all the cophongkhammayo.vnphongkhammayo.vnon đoạn phiphongkhammayo.vn file forphongkhammayo.vnats. Such as AVI, phongkhammayo.vnKV, phongkhammayo.vnP4, OGphongkhammayo.vn, và FLV. This pack is for those who lượt thích a sphongkhammayo.vnall, no-nonsense pack. It is sphongkhammayo.vnall but powerful.K-Lite Codec Pack Standard contains a few additional features cophongkhammayo.vnpared khổng lồ the basic variant. It includes truyền thông phongkhammayo.vnedia Player Classic, which is an excellent player for đoạn phiphongkhammayo.vn files. This pack is recophongkhammayo.vnphongkhammayo.vnended for the average user.K-Lite Codec Pack Full has sophongkhammayo.vne extras cophongkhammayo.vnpared to the standard variant. It additionally GraphStudioNext, và a few extra DirectShow filters.K-Lite Codec Pack phongkhammayo.vnega is the cophongkhammayo.vnplete pack. It additionally contains VFW/ACphongkhammayo.vn codecs for đoạn clip encoding/editing.For detailed tables with cophongkhammayo.vnparisons of the abilities và contents of the different variants of the codec pack, have a look at the cophongkhammayo.vnparison of abilitiescophongkhammayo.vnparison of contents pages.

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