Thanh's new look after cutting hair.

Unfortunate, Thanh Vy swapped hair & agreed. But when her hair was cut too short, she began to lớn worry and burst in tears Shikin, the mentor of the group, encouraged her with the message "You Must Break Out Of Yourself."

Thanh Vy is not the only girl who cries in the change cover. Filipino admirer Adela Marshall was not happy that she thought her new haircut was too cute. She wants a personal image, stronger.

Swan subject photography: Thanh Vy ranked 5th

Thematic photography for contestants in volume 2 is swan lake. They will turn into trắng or đen swans và pair in pairs to capture a story.

Thanh Vy (Black Swan) is a parade with Pim (Vitsvan), get the thought of love story – the black swan envious of the beauty of the white tails và wants khổng lồ keep the trắng swans beside themselves. Vietnamese candidates have difficulty expressing themselves, causing the judge và photographer Yu Tsai khổng lồ ask, "Look, I vày not think you are jealous of her." Who are you most envious of in the world?

Thanh Vys black tail. Thanh Vy herself admits that she feels afraid of being impatient: "What should I say? When I'm not jealous of anyone". Afterwards she chose lớn express anger, anger khổng lồ complete the photography.

In the evaluation round and the type judges judged the image of the duo Thanh Vy – Pim, showed the team but not excellent. Thanh Vy is not appreciated in God's face. As a result, both in the safe group, Thanh Vy received a total of 24.5 points (known as fifth).

Candidates with the best photos of the week are the Philippines Jachin Manere. From the inclination lớn slip off during the photography, Jachin bent to tie up his rope và stood for high grades.

 Asia's next đứng top model: Nguoi mau Myanmar muon tat Thanh Vy hinh anh 3 <19659021> Jachin (White Swan) is the most beautiful image of the week. </table><p> Yu Tsai believes that Jachin has made mistakes in miracles and overshadowed his spectacle. Host Cindy complimented:

Jachin was the winner last week by Beauty Thet Thet Thinn. Song, Beauty, disappointed the judges when Yu Tsai commented, "You're jumping like a bat." Cindy bishop reminded the Myanmar model who did not try to be monotonous.

 Asia's next đứng đầu model: Nguoi Iko Bustomi (pictured on the right) is the candidate to lớn leave.<br><br><br>Bạn đang xem: <a href=Thanh vy nguyễn

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Two participants are at risk this week are Iko Bustomi (Indonesia) và Jesslyn Tjandra Finally, Iko has a lower score (16.5) and has lớn leave, according to the judges, Iko's weakness is a facial expression that is boring.